12 Top Best LED Light Brands In India


India is one of the biggest markets for LED lights in the world. It is believed that by 2022, India’s LED light penetration market will be a whopping 57 percent. In this article, you will get to know the top 12 Popular LED light brands in India. 

1. Philips Electronics India Ltd 

Philips brand has become one of the top LED tube light brands in India.  LED Products of Philips include Bulbs, Wall Lights, Ceiling Lights, Tube lights, Table lights, Suspension lights, and Decor Lights. It has the complete solution for LED house lights and office lights and not only in India but globally too.


  • Come with a longer life.
  • Uses 80% less energy than the traditional sources. 
  • Come with perfect light quality.

2. Havells India Ltd

Havells India Ltd is one of the trusted brands and has a wide range of LED lighting solutions. LED Products of Havells include Lamps, Spot Lights, COB Fixtures, Decorative lights, Commercial lights, Street Light, Tube lights, and ceiling lights. 


  • Maintains high-quality products with energy-efficient LED models. 
  • They have a wide range of portable rechargeable LED lights. 

3. Osram India Pvt Ltd 

The brands have managed to make the best LED lights in India and they’re considered to be one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers for LED exterior modules and interior modules. LED Products of Osram include Spot Lights, Lamps, Wall Luminaries, Batten Luminaires, Under Cabinet Lights, Floor Luminaries, Table light, Flood Light, Street lights, and Camping lights. 


  • Comes with a wide range of conventional LED bulbs. 
  • Provides complete LED solutions, including LED light engines and electronic Control Gear.  
  • Comes with a wide range of industrial LED lights, including Halogen lamps.

4. Bajaj

Bajaj is one of the leading LED light brands that offers rugged and long-lasting products. LED Products of Bajaj include Landscape light, Floodlight, Flexi Strips, Bulbs, Downlight, Spotlight, Tube Light, High Bay Luminaires, and Spotlights.


  • Works in low voltage supply. 
  • LEDs do not contain filaments.
  • Durable and very long-lasting. 
  • They are designed into any shape.
  • Can be dimmed for full control of light. 

5. CG ( Crompton Greaves )

The brand is known in the market for its high-performance LED lighting. LED Products of CG (Crompton Greaves) include Bulb, Tube Light, Spotlight, Street lights, Garden light, Emergency Light, Desk Lamps, and many more. 


  • Their lifespan is longer than the regular traditional bulbs. 
  • CG has a wide exceptional color range. 
  • They come with lower radiated heat. 

6. Syska LED Lights  

Syska believes in smart innovation and the products are priced fairly to its consumers. Their lights are entirely integrated into a systematic structure and the products include Tube lights, Downlights, Panel Lights, Portable lights, Garden lights, Industrial light, Floodlight, Wall light, Parking Light, and Tunnel Light. 


  • Offers international quality.
  • Provides energy-saving to its customers. 
  • Syska also has the personal care products range in the market. 

7. Halonix 

These lights are famous in India as they come with affordable prices, superior quality, and good lighting. LED Products of Halonix include Tube Light, LED bulbs, Street Lights, Table Lamps, Garden lights, and Decorative lights. 


  • They have the widest range of lighting products, including  LED, CFL, Halogens, and many more. 
  • Provides a complete lighting solution.

8. PolyCab LED Lights 

These products are designed for a better life and they have become the most promising LED lighting companies in 2021. LED Products of PolyCab include Bulbs, Spotlight, Table lamps, Flexi Lamps, Street Light, Garden light, Decorative light, and Down Lights. 


  • Affordable prices.
  • Specialists in commercial LED lighting and solution.

9. Surya LED Lights

Their LED lighting products are 85% lesser energy consumption compared to other bulbs and lighting. LED Products of Surya include Lamp spotlight, Battens, high bays luminaries, Linear lamps, Strip light, Street light, Decorative light, and Downlights. 


  • Offers a 25000 hours lifespan of their LED bulbs. 
  • They provide both consumer base and professional based LED lighting solutions.
  • Affordable Prices.

10. Wipro LED lights

This brand lets you control the brightness as per set time while being in the car. LED Products of Wipro include Downlights, surface mount luminaires, Linear Lamp, Desk light, Batten Light, and street light. 


  • Provides excellent range of smart bulbs and lighting.
  • They bring innovative design with the best quality products. 

11. Kwality Photonics

They are one of the strong contenders for the bulbs as they down the cost of the power LEDs by a whopping 40%. And the company is one of the quality manufacturers of the LED lamps, Lights, and displays. 


  • Offers best quality LEDs at a nominal price range. 

12.  Moser Baer

These brands bring a wide range of LEDs lights, bulbs that did the right job on the customer’s heavy bills. The LEDs lights are far better than the normal bulbs and tube lights as they consume less energy in comparison to them.


  • They have a wide range of LED lights including bulbs, tube lights, street lights, and many more. 

Benefits of Using LED Lights

Longevity-  LED lights are known for working nearly 60,000 hours while a normal light lasts only 1500 hours. These LED lights last 10 times longer than the normal ones. A long life span means rescued replacement resulting in cost savings. 

Efficiency- As compared to others, LED lights to use 90% less power than traditional light bulbs as these are powerfully packed with a lot of energy. LEDs help lower electricity bills. The life expectancy of LEDs is cheaper which means a lower cost of maintenance. 

Environment friendly- These LED lights are made with non-toxic materials and they are also recyclable which makes these lights green and eco-friendly. They are also energy-saving as they consume less power. These lights also give very low levels of UV rays which make them good for the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Which led Light brand is best in India?

All of the brands mentioned above are good brands for LED lights, but Philips, Havells, Syska are the Top LED bulb companies in India 2021.

Q. Which brand of LED tube light is best?

Syska LED tube light is the best one as it consumes less than 80% less power consumption as compared to others. 

Q. Which LED light is best for the eyes?

The warm lights are the best for the eyes as they include filtered natural lights that are good for the eyes. 

Q. How do I choose an LED light?

Always remember, the higher the rating better the light products. This is a matter of preference and use.  

Q. Which company’s LED lights should one choose for a house,?

All the above mentioned are the Top most popular LED brands in India that you can use in your home. 

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