7 Best Tripod for Mobile in India Under Rs 1000


Nowadays, most people use their smartphones to capture the most high-quality images and videos. This is done using the best tripod for mobile phones that allow stable and clear photos and videos. Tripods allow even amateur photographers and videographers to make professional content using their smartphones.

If you are thinking about making videos for social media, then you should know how to purchase a camera and then check the tripods that are mentioned here. Here in this article, we have curated for you, a list of the best mobile tripods along with the features, prices, and other details, that will help you in making the right purchase for yourself.

1. Venganza Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod Stand

Venganza adjustable aluminum alloy tripod stand is a premium quality Tripod stand that can be used for mobile phones and cameras. It is made of aluminum which makes it tough and durable. 

Product Features

  • You can easily change the camera orientation from portrait to landscape.
  • It has a 360-degree swivel function which allows panorama possibilities.
  • In this tripod, the phone bracket is elastic and can stretch easily.
  • It also has a level tester which allows you to measure the alignment.
  • Price Rs.649 on Amazon

2. Venganza 13 inch Flexible Gorillapod Tripod

This is a multipurpose and flexible tripod that can hold mobile phones, DSLR cameras, and action cameras. Its features and characteristics make it a popular choice for photographers and videographers. 

Product Features

  • This tripod is portable and lightweight.
  • Very flexible
  • It can hold upto 2kg weight, making it possible to hold a DSLR Camera.
  • The tripod is made of ABS plastic which is a very durable material. 
  • Price Rs.299 on Amazon

3. BMC Mobile Tripod Stand

The BMC Mobile Tripod Stand allows capturing images at all angles. You can also use this tripod to hold DSLR cameras as well.

 Product Features

  • The phone bracket is elastic, which can adjust to the phone’s width. 
  • The tripod is equipped with a level tester, which helps in checking the alignment.
  • It has a three-way head, which allows a change in orientation easily.
  • It also has a centre shaft jacking system, which helps in moving the centre shaft. 
  • Price Rs.599  

4. Tygot Gorilla Tripod 

The main characteristic feature of this tripod is that it is made for heavy-duty tasks that allow it to be used on any kind of terrain. 

This tripod is most suited for rough environments and has longer life as compared to other tripods. 

Product Features

  • It is made of ABS plastic, which makes it durable and suitable for rough terrain. 
  • The tripod has great load-bearing capacity due to the rotating sphere with anodised finish.
  • The tripod is very lightweight and portable 
  • It is equipped with a clasp lock that allows you to lock the angle of the camera.
  • Price Rs. 299

5. Ionix Flexible Foldable Tripod for Camera

This is an excellent tripod that has all the features that you need from a good quality camera holder that allows you to take the desired shot from your smartphone or camera very easily. 

Product Features

  • The phone bracket is very elastic so that you can adjust it to the phone’s width. 
  • The tripod also has a level tester that helps in checking the horizontal alignment.
  • The tripod also has a three-way head, which helps in changing the orientation very easily.
  • There is also a centre shaft jacking system that allows the free movement of the centre shaft. 
  • Price Rs.650.

6. Marklif Mini Aluminum Alloy Tripod Stand

The Marklif Mini Aluminum Alloy Tripod is a very easy-to-use mobile tripod mount stand that allows users to capture images from different angles.

Product Features

  • It has a bubble level indicator.
  • The tripod also supports swivel, pan and tilt motion.
  • It has four-section legs which are extendable.
  • Price Rs.699

7. PROSmart Aluminium Adjustable Portable and Foldable Tripod Stand

This mobile tripod holder has all the features that one can find with the best tripod for mobile. It is made of Aluminium which makes it a very durable tripod with a long life. 

Product Features

  • It has a three-way head, which allows a quick change in the camera’s orientation.
  • It also has a 360-degree swivel function.
  • The tripod has a level tester to check the horizontal alignment.
  • It allows pan, tilt and swivel movement of the camera.
  • Price Rs.499

Factors to Consider to Buy Tripod for Mobile

  • Longevity and Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Affordable
  • Foldable
  • Stability

FAQs on the Best Tripod for Mobile in India

Q. Which is the best tripod for mobile?

There are many popular tripods that you can purchase for yourself. You can find more details in this post. 

Q. Where can I purchase a long tripod for mobile?

You can purchase tripods online at any e-commerce site like Amazon or Flipkart.

Q. What is the price range of a tripod for a mobile?

The usual price range of a good quality tripod is between Rs. 400 and Rs. 1500.

Q. Why do I need a tripod?

If you are into shooting, photography, and videography then tripods are a very important part of your daily life. With the help of tripods, you can keep your camera stable and in position. It is a great way to shoot quality videos and not worry about any camera jerks or slip-ups. If you are looking to purchase the best Tripods for mobile phones in India, then you can have a look at the article above. 

Q. Which are the best tripods for iPhones?

If you are looking for the best iPhone tripods and supports in 2021, then you can have a look at the list mentioned above so that you can purchase the top product for yourself at the best prices. The article above has some of the top quality tripods that are great to work with and have a lot to offer.

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