8 Best Oats In India For Weight Loss Under Rs 500


Oats are one of the best breakfast options that you can opt for. They are also comfortable to digest and keeps you full and also helps you to lose weight. Check out the Best oats for breakfast with detailed information. 

1. Quaker Oats Pouch 

It is made with 100% wholegrains oats as the natural source of carbs, protein, and dietary fiber. They contain essential nutrients and minerals like iron, magnesium, sodium, and zinc. The original unflavoured oats are the best choice for various health benefits without disturbing the original state of the oats. 

 Key Features 

  • They are rich in nutrients.
  • Easy to cook.
  • It can be used in different ways other than breakfast too. 

2. Kellogg’s Oats Trusted by Nutritionists

Kellogg’s oats are made with whole grain oats, and they are one of the best-rolled oats. They have no added preservatives, and it is entirely safe to consume. It has zero cholesterol and low sodium that reduces the risk of high blood pressure.

Key Features 

  • Comes with rolled grains for better cooking 
  • Has no added preservatives
  • Retains more water. 
  • It has essential minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium.

3. Bagrry’s White Oats

It is rich in protein, and the white oats fiber index makes it perfect for breakfast. It is made with 100% whole grain and helps to fight against high cholesterol. It helps in weight loss and comes at a very affordable price compared to other brands. This oat will help you to manage your overall weight with numerous health benefits.

Key Features 

  • Contains natural fibre and protein. 
  • It has essential minerals like iron, zinc, and magnesium. 
  • They are pre-cooked dried and pressed oats.

4. Eco Valley Hearty White Oats

These are highly nutritious as they are rich in fiber and another alternative to have a healthy breakfast. These are light in weight and easy to cook and are one of the most reliable and easy-to-digest oats available in the market. 

Key Features 

  • Helps to manage the bad LDL cholesterol. 
  • One of the best oats to lose weight. 
  • A highly affordable product.

5. True Elements Rolled Oats

True Elements Rolled Oats are 100% whole grain oats and naturally gluten-free. These oats are not processed or contain any added preservatives. These oats have 0% added sugar and are packed with high fiber, which is best for weight loss. Instead of affecting the taste and high protein value, it enhances the taste. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to cook and high at the fibre content. 
  • Packed with antioxidants and fight against free radicals and save you from immunity disorders.
  • Lower glycemic index.

6. Nutriorg Certified Organic Gluten-Free Rolled Oats 

These Nutriorg Certified organic rolled oats are made with whole grains and loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, calcium, potassium, and Vitamin B6, B3.  

It is an excellent source of complex carbs that provide a lot of energy to the body. Oats also help to prevent cardiovascular diseases and also avoid constipation. They are the best oats for weight loss.

Key Features 

  • One of the best immunity boosters available in the market. 
  • Low in fat
  • Avoids constipation and heart diseases.

7. Raw Essentials Gluten-free Rolled Oats

These oats are very easy to cook, and the creamy texture brings the perfect taste to them. Oatmeal, granola, and healthy bars are some main ingredients that help in weight loss. These oats contain an essential type of fiber called beta-glucan which is especially great for reducing cholesterol and boosting the immune system.

Key Features 

  • A complete vegetarian product. 
  • Has a great texture and taste. 

8. Saffola Masala Oats Veggie Twist

These oats are made with 100% natural whole grain oats with real vegetables and the best masalas. It comes with multigrain crunches for taste and surprising crunches. They have no added preservatives and help to control hunger and weight management.

Key features 

  • Low in saturated fat and cholesterol. 
  • Comes with high fibre whole grains.
  • Gluten free. 
  • Low in saturated fat and cholesterol. 

How to Choose Healthy Oats  

  • No added sugars
  • Gluten-free
  • Sugar-free

Health Benefits of Oats

  • Great Source of Protein, Fiber, Vitamins, and Minerals
  • Helps in weight loss and lowering Blood sugar Levels
  • Keeps you full

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q. Which oats are best?

The rolled oats and quick-cooking oats are the best among all. 

Q. What is the best brand of oats available in India?

All of the above-mentioned are the best brands of oats. You can choose anyone as their products are tested and made with 100% whole grain oats. 

Q. Are instant oats bad for you?

Oats are good for health, but the packing of instant oats is bad. A bowl of classic oatmeal contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

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