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Christmas 2020 Sale Week Online Shopping Offers Deals and Discount Cozy and cool! The funniest Christmas sweaters on Amazon.

The political Christmas message Nothing is funnier than making a political statement with a Christmas sweater. These sweaters will silence even your one relative who never obeys the rule of not discussing religion and politics.

Angela Merkel’s dress from Bayreuth is known to everyone. It’ll bring some laughs on a Christmas jumper. The sweater is available from 19.99 € and in three different colors. We find it most beautiful in blue, because it is unmistakable in the colors of the original dress.

Christmas dinner without meat for sale sparsely Christmas Dishes without meat are still sparsely for sale in supermarkets. But there is already more choice than a few years ago.

That says environmental organization Natuur & Milieu, which has searched all supermarkets for sustainable Christmas offers. In the vegetarian field, the employees this year found, among other things, a quinoa dish with cabbage on the shelves, a vegetarian gourmet platter and a stuffed portobello (large mushroom).

According to the organization, a Christmas dinner without meat is 4 to 5 times more environmentally friendly than a Christmas meal with animal products.

Sustainable meat is also not easy to buy, Natuur & Milieu found out. Of the 23 supermarket chains, only nine have included sustainable meat in their Christmas offers. Hardly any sustainable meat is used in the recipes in the many magazines that supermarkets offer around Christmas. “While Christmas would be an excellent time to encourage the use of sustainable meat,” says the organization.

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